3 Meals per Day May Be Best For Type 2 Diabetic – Video

NutriMost reviews new and interesting research that the typical thought process that it is better for a type 2 diabetic to eat many small meals to maintain a constant blood glucose level may not be correct. It appears those who eat 3 meals only, had much better results.

A Type 2 Diabetic May Be Wise to Eat 3 meals/day with a Smaller Dinner

For many years the thought process has been that the diabetic should eat many small equally sized meals per day to maintain an even blood glucose level. This way there would not be any spikes of higher or low blood sugar levels. This idea since it sounds logical, has been accepted with relatively little challenge or disagreement.

I have been challenging this position for quite some time, but finally a research paper was presented March 17, 2018 at the 100th annual meeting of the Endocrine Society. The research titled “High-energy breakfast promotes weight loss, helps reduce total daily insulin dose for type 2 diabetes”

Each participant was an insulin dependent type 2 diabetic. The average age of the participants was 69 years old.

The research compared 2 diets, both diets had the same amount of daily calories

  • One Diet consisted of 6 equally divided meals throughout the day
  • The other diet consisted of 3 meals; a large breakfast, lunch and a small dinner

NutriMost Examines the Stunning Research Results to Help Type 2 Diabetics

During the study, every couple weeks the participants insulin levels were adjusted. By the end of the 3 month period of the study, the 3 meal group had lowered the amount of insulin necessary to control their glucose levels by approximately 40% while the 6 meal group had to slightly increase their amount.

The 3 meal/day group had lost 11 pounds by the end of the study while the 6 meal/day group gained over 2 pounds.

Despite using far less insulin, the 3 meal/day group had lower, more consistent and more easily controlled blood sugars versus the 6 meal/day group.


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